A Kickstarter campaign that speaks to my caffeine addiction

Think about all the worthy causes and great innovations that aren’t funded just because the idea doesn’t happen to occur to someone with deep enough pockets. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter make financially unattainable ideas suddenly possible, through the help of generous strangers who can securely donate a lot or a little to the campaigns that most interest them.

Kickstarter.com‘s homepage features both staff-picked and local campaigns.

Birmingham Kickstarter

I don’t particularly care to contribute to a documentary about hippos (far right), but I dug further into the Birmingham campaigns to see if there were any causes I’d like to donate to. In the Birmingham category, only seven campaigns are currently open, with one already more than fully funded. None of these projects — poetry workshop, exercise invention, mobile juicery, cat watercolors, pin-up photography, the hippo documentary and a board game (which was the fully funded one) — made me want to contribute money.

On the full page of Birmingham results, many — probably even most — of the closed campaigns were music related. I’m fully aware of how old this makes me sound, but I don’t know a whole lot about Birmingham’s local music scene. (I used to be cool, honest.) So I wouldn’t be interested in donating to bands with which I am unfamiliar. And being a grad student with a full-time job (as many of my classmates are), I don’t have a whole lot of extra time to sink into shows. I do, however, think it’s awesome that these budding artists have a platform that allows them to appeal to their fans; maybe they can only contribute a few dollars each, but those dollars add up in a crowdfunding situation. Judging by the number of successful Birmingham music campaigns, it works.

Moving on. Next, I decided to explore by category rather than location to see if I could find a cause I’d like to contribute to.

kickstarter staff picks

I browsed the design category, and LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND:

IT'S MAGIC. Somebody give these people a Nobel Prize.
IT’S MAGIC. Somebody give these people a Nobel Prize.

It’s the K-pod — a converter that makes “any coffee maker into a K-Cup brewer.”

Genius. Because guess what happens when your Keurig breaks? You’re stuck with tons of K-Cups, as well as a sour taste in your mouth for Keurigs, which is why you don’t just buy another. That’s a true story.  I love my Kitchen Aid coffee maker, and many times I do want to brew a whole pot of coffee. But sometimes, I just want one cup.

Now: Coffee lovers, unite! We must make this K-pod thing happen. Go forth and crowdfund!


9 thoughts on “A Kickstarter campaign that speaks to my caffeine addiction”

  1. Hey Julie,

    WOW! What a cool product you found! It is interesting that by taking the time to search and look at the various projects you were able to find one that works for you. I think it is a brilliant idea because you’re right! If my K-Cup machine broke I would not want to buy another one and I would go back to using my 10 cup coffee maker that I normally just pull out for big dinners. This way I don’t have to buy an entirely new machine. This is great! Great find and a great post!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I jumped on the Keurig train when it came along, and my machine lasted for maybe two or three years? I can’t remember exactly. But I just couldn’t quite bring myself to buy another when I had a 10-cup coffee maker also sitting on my countertop. Maybe I have a problem, but I often find myself drinking 2-3 cups every morning before I leave the house. So maybe I’ve moved past the Keurig anyway. But it sure would be nice to use those K-cups!

  2. Julie,
    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I sympathize with the majority who are. This product seems legit, actually showed it to my buddy who drinks more coffee than water. I think he checked out their page on Kickstarter, and probably donated to it. I feel the same as you did with Kickstarter and how it is helping people get their inventions, ideas, etc. to the masses. It’s hard to get funding for things like this nowadays, but it’s good there is a platform people can turn to for support.

    1. Think about how many cool ideas would just be out there floating and not being made if not for sites like these! I also really like that it’s not a guaranteed thing. If your idea sucks, you’re probably not going to get enough people on board with you to fully fund your project. But if you have a really great idea, the masses will recognize that and donate.

  3. I love the K-cup brewer that you found! It’s one of those inventions that I didn’t realize that I needed until I saw it. It would make a great addition to the office kitchen at work. I could drink the coffee I want to drink from the regular coffee maker. Looking on Kickstarter, I found a lot of ideas for products that were really innovative. I wish I could think of a product similar to these…the problem is, I don’t know I need it until I see it.
    Like you, I noticed a lot of interesting documentaries being proposed. I wonder how many of these documentaries, such as the one about hippos actually gets funded.
    Interesting post and great product find!

    1. Oh yeah! I didn’t even think about how great that could be for a work/shared coffee pot. If the majority of the people at your office want to drink decaf, they can go right ahead and make a pot. But then you can bring in your K-cups to make real coffee by simply moving the pot over for a few minutes while your cup brews. And there are also K-cups out there for non-coffee drinkers: hot chocolate, hot tea, lattes and such.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I couldn’t agree more with how Kickstarter is a great way to get people’s inventions and ideas funded. I like how you got to check out your local community projects that need funding. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I know some people who would love that K-Pod. I thought it was pretty nifty, and you still get to use your K-Cups, hopefully he gets all the finds he needs for it. Great post 🙂

  5. Not sure where this comment disappeared to…but I left this one on Friday via the WordPress app 😦

    Hi Julie!

    A documentary about hippos!? No thanks! I loved that you kept it local and went through campaigns that are close to your current location – I didn’t think about doing that at all when I was exploring Kickstarter. I agree with you completely that I have no time to dedicate to shows or bands – however, art is something that I can appreciate without needing a great deal of time! Speaking of the K-pod…my good friend actually just bought something VERY similar from Target the other day! Well maybe not similar, more like the exact opposite! His little contraption is the shape of a K-cup but you just put ground coffee in it and then put it in the Keurig like normal. It’s so much cheaper than buying K-cups every week AND it takes up way less room in the cabinet!

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